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    Factorial is an operational symbol invented by Kingston Kaman in 1808, which is a mathematical term. The factorial of a positive integer is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to the number, and the factorial of 0 is 1. The factorial of natural number n is n! = 1 × 2 × 3 ×... × n. Factorial can be defined recursively: 0! = 1, n! = (n-1)! × n.

    Here n can be understood as any factor. According to the meaning of factorial, we attach importance to every subtle value factor. Every more person, every more strength, every more thought, every more effort, every more detail…… If all the factors are added up, the added value beyond imagination will be created.

    Since its establishment, Factorial Communications has cherished every partner. We provide customized interactive marketing solutions for many international well-known enterprises and organizations. We always keep forward-looking and regard specialty as the only means to maximize brand value. We respect unique, interesting and dynamic voice. We insist on providing creative, professional and efficient services, aiming to help brand owners achieve the growth of influence and marketing value.

    Factorial Communications is headquartered in Beijing and has a branch in Shenzhen. We have young and professionally experienced creative team, interactive technology team and customer team. At the same time, Factorial, together with the top resources in the industry, provides young, diversified, cross-border and customized resource solutions for brand owners.

    In Factorial Communications, we respect every subtle value, and believe that the inspiration will shape an extraordinary flashing moment.

    Factorial provides brand building, management and operation services for large-scale conference activities, and has rich and professional experience in brand press conference, strategy press conference, government event, large-scale summit and other conference activities. Factorial has an independent content creative team to deeply understand the brand content and create a brand exclusive activity site. At the same time, Factorial is good at high-level professional reception management and large-scale conference operation, which can provide a full range of conference operation solutions.
    Factorial provides a full range of services around the booth construction. We are good at creating cultural and creative theme booths. With more creative and experiential space design ideas, we put forward new and more effective solutions for exhibition. At the same time, Factorial has a professional operation team to effectively guarantee the sustainability and topicality of various exhibition projects, and is committed to providing brand exhibition space.
    We continue to focus on new focuses such as "Youth" and "Theme", and invest in more professional and personalized teams in the "IP marketing" with higher perception of the current mainstream audience. We combine the innovative expression with the trend of the times, new method of scene activities, and resource allocation for the purpose of harvesting traffic, so as to approach the younger generation, help the brand absorb the nutrients of youth, and realize the important strategic transformation of youth.
    For enquiries related to human resources, please contact: hr@jcyeah.com
    For other enquiries, please contact: hr@jcyeah.com
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